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We believe everyone deserves concern, pride and dignity.

Take a look at the data...

DC's Homeless Population

As of January 2019, Washington, DC has an estimated 6,521 residents experiencing homelessness on any given day. Of that total, 815 were family households, 297 were Veterans, 271 were unaccompanied young adults (18-24), and 1,688 were individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.

During the 2018-2019 school year, an estimated 7,445 public school students experienced homelessness over the course of the school year. Of that total, 118 students were unsheltered, 1,834 were in shelters, 397 lived in hotels/motels, and 4,962 lived with family or friends.


The total number of persons experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC decreased by 5.5% from 2018. Family homelessness decreased by 12% since 2018 and by early 45% since 2016.

Income Inequality

Washington, DC has a higher level of income inequality than any state in the country, with households in the top 20% of income having 29 times the income than the bottom 20%.

Our Mission & Vision

Biscuits with Boots is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to assist in providing supplies for basic needs to ensure that homeless individuals have a sense of pride and dignity. We intend to help any individual because everyone deserves the basic necessities for living.

Care Packages
Care Packages

Our care packages give recipients a sense of dignity, despite their homelessness. Every individual, regardless of his or her financial status, deserves the basic necessities for living. It is Biscuits with Boots' mission to ensure that these needs are met for this growing population.

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